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RONDOM - švicarski high-tech sustav protiv rastuće vlažnosti

        385 / 91 6640  105



Technical specification

Mains supply:             230 Volt, 50 Hz

Adapter:                     12/18 VDC   

Battery  :                      2x1,5   =  3 VDC

Emitter Electromagnetic waves in the range of megahertz

Approved on February 20, 1995 by an authorized member of the Swiss group of biological Electro-technology (SABE).   RONDOM dehydration systems WE 400 do not emit measurable alternating electromagnetic field (AEMF),    or alternating electrical field (AEF). 


CE Certificate and

EU approval according to EN 50 081-1 and EN 50 082-1

According to the guidelines of the SABE no negative influence for organisms is reported.


Product specification

Dehydration technique RONDOM system 

The electronic dehydration system RONDOM  has successfully been applied in practice for many years:   In the renovation of old buildings    in new buildings and buildings of recent construction    In objects from villas up to large factory    In historical buildings   

The procedure of the dehydration technique RONDOM system  is based on the stabilization of the forces of electrical voltage, which are circulating in the penetrating humidity field. The RONDOM system transmits electromagnetic impulses leading to a natural humidity barrier in the concrete construction parts, without the need of structural measures. The brickwork dries rapidly and effectively.

In particularly delicate humidity reconstruction - as for instance in areas with antique furniture or other special materials with a high risk of damages caused by a rapid dehumidification - the RONDOM system is designed to create a special signal cycle and has an output for a link to appropriate measurement equipment.